boring missives, written mainly for the Peninsula magazine for distribution in Sharm El Sheikh

Arboreal Antidissestablishmentarianism - the story of the Cypress tree

Now you see it, now you don't - the case of the dissappearing Ibex

Mutated starfish  - aka -  Crown of Thorns

A word of warning - about scorpions !oasis

Game for Agama - the Agama lizard

Pussy power - the Sinai leopard

Red Sea - well, says it all really

Royal Saluki - a dogs life

The last laugh - hyenas joke page

Sandstone - a rock or a soft place ?

Scorpionfish - ugliness at its most beautiful

Sodom all - the sodom apple

Stork soaring mad - feathered friends get away from it all

Tamarisk tree - wanted dead by some and alive by others