SWAMPROOT                                                                                                 ROCK BOOGIE 'N' BLUES      

.Mister Chad


1968 – 1974: Attended Abingdon School, obtaining qualifications in reading, righting, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Also learnt how to dive in cold green soup whilst wearing twin tanks and a zipperless dry suit, escape from a submarine, leap out of a helicopter and fend of the advances of gay CPOs, all courtesy of Her Majesties Royal Navy.

1974 – 75: Petrol pump attendant, spice packer, jet washer assembler, night porter (in a ladies college - ummmmmm), eventually reaching the dizzy heights of chief lavatory cleaner in the local Ironworks.

1975 – 76: Continuing education at the University of Life, attaining 1st Class Honours in motorcycle maintenance and alcohol abuse.

1976 – 80: Oxfordshire Fire Service – full time fire-fighter, specialising in diving into burning buildings wearing a 12 litre tank, Wellington boots and a funny yellow hat. 

1980 – 82: Returned to UOL for postgraduate degree in touring Europe and Africa on a motorcycle. Studies abruptly terminated in the final year by a broken con-rod outside Puerto de Sagunto in the southeast of Spain. Changed syllabus and married a hot tempered Franco/Spanish dusky maiden.

1982 – 1990: Returned to the UK and rode the wave of Mrs. Thatcher’s "loadsamoney" boom by starting a flourishing welding business followed by a body builder’s gymnasium and nightclub.

1991: Crashed hard - but Mrs.Thatcher was nowhere to be found.

1992 - 95: Struggled on through the recession and messy divorce from aforementioned hot-tempered dusky maiden, wondering what life was all about. Re-discovered diving, but this time in crystal clear warm waters with lots of pretty little fishes, corals and girls in bikinis – thank you PADI.

1996 – 97: Found that life is all about having fun in the sun whilst being paid to go diving in the Red Sea.

1997 – 99: Earned a generous tax free salary by building and running dive centres and hotels in and around Sharm El Sheikh - importing British Rock bands for entertaining the clients in the above. Started writing cynical articles for Cairo based magazines.

2000 - 04: Back to the sea, running the Royal Diving fleet of safari boats in Sharm, married to a gorgeous blonde German diving instructor, rearing a 6 year old son, 4 year old twins, playing harmonica in the local bars, writing articles, scripts and doing voice-overs for Egyptian videos and films.

2005 - 10: Eking out a meagre living selling clean fresh air,  sucking and blowing on a little organ on the rocks whilst pumping 500 tanks a day. Forced to live on the edge of the cliff and drink Gin and Tonics on the terrace whilst watching the sun set over the Sinai mountains of Ras Mohamed National Park.

2010 - ? : Repatriated to sunny Oxford, escaping the Egyptian revolution by a whisker. Stumbled across a bunch of old fogeys playing rock and blues in local pubs and became Router no. 6.

It's a hard life but............



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